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Email List Groups are generally loosely structured. They may be moderated and may have posting restrictions.
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Charlotte Christian Homeschool Network (CCHNet)

CCHNet is a Christian based list for homeschoolers in, or moving to, the greater Charlotte area.

Greater Charlotte Area Christian
Charlotte Christian Homeschool Network -Teen (CCHNet-Teen)

CCHNet-Teen is a subgroup of CCHNet - Charlotte Christian Homeschool Network for homeschooling parents of teens. 

Greater Charlotte Area Christian
Home Based Educators of Charlotte (hbec)

Home-based Educators of Charlotte (hbec) is an inclusive, secular group providing support and resources for people who have chosen to educate their families at home.

Greater Charlotte Area Secular
Lake Norman Social, Educational, Classes Homeschool Group (LKNsec)

Lake Norman Homeschoolers is an activity group that supports Social events, Educational field trips and Class offerings in the Lake Norman area.

Lake Norman Inclusive
Explore and Discover

Our families are seeking to explore and discover culture and community, through self-directed activities with friends. These are not structured outings, except where noted.

Greater Charlotte Area Inclusive