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Enrich Family Earns Medals at Regional Taekwondo Tournament

Pictured are Ashley Martin, Asher Street, Stephanie Street, Josh Street, Evie Street, Isaac Street, and Osric Street

On July 23, 5 out of 6 of the Street family, members of Enrich, participated in the Taekwondo America Regional Tournament in Knoxville, TN.  All  brought home medals in their divisions!  Here are the results:

Asher - Gold 1st degree Black Belt 12-13 year old division for Sparring
Evie - Gold Red Belt 8-9 year old division, Matte Bronze (4th) for form
Isaac - Bronze in sparring Orange Belt 5-6 year old division (he was the only 5 year old)
Josh - Silver Form Adult and VIP Orange belt Division
Stephanie - Silver for Sparring and Matte Bronze for form Adult and VIP Orange Belt Division

The Street Family has homeschooled for eight years and attends Martin's Taekwondo America in Mount Pleasant and North Charlotte.  They are taught by Mrs. Ashley Martin and Master Josh Martin.