Fourth Annual Fire Safety for Homeschool Students

Harrisburg Fire Department demonstrates safety equipment to young students.

Fourth Annual Fire Safety for Homeschool Students!


Every year, the Harrisburg, NC Fire Department presents a FREE program for to educate homeschool students about fire and life safety.  Each year, during the month of October, Harrisburg Fire Department teaches the fire safety lessons that many adults remember from their childhood, such as: Stop, Drop, & Roll; Call 9-1-1 in an emergency, smoke alarms mean get out and stay out, and feel the door for heat with the back of your hand. These messages were ingrained in our brains at such a young age that we don't even ponder the idea of not knowing them. So, can you remember when and where you learned these vital life safety tips? The majority of us will answer, "At school, in the 1st Grade." That is where most of us learn them.  


What about the children that do not attend the traditional public school? That is a question that had the Public Education division at Harrisburg Fire Department concerned. Thus, the Fire Safety for Home School program was created.


Please join us on October 23, 2017  from 9:30 - 11 a.m., at Providence Baptist Church in Harrisburg, NC (map).  The Harrisburg Fire Department is proud to host this 4th annual event. Our hope is to have every student or child who is not receiving this education through public school, participate in this fun educational opportunity. 




The firefighters themselves will be demonstrating the fire truck, equipment, and gear they use every day to protect the Harrisburg community. In addition, there will be a smoke simulation trailer on-scene where the students will learn to recognize the sound of a smoke detector and learn to react appropriately in order to exit a smoky structure quickly and safely. Don't let your child miss out on the exciting, fun, learning experience that will serve as a foundation for life-long fire safety practices. This special program is hosted by the Harrisburg Fire Department at absolutely no cost to you.


Please sign up today. If you have any questions, please email:

Note* The children will be divided into groups by age. The material is geared for children ages 5-13. However, if you have children older or younger that would like to participate, please bring them. We only ask that children under 5 accompanied by a responsible party.

Please register each of your children.

For more details, download the Harrisburg Fire Dept Fire Safety Flyer