New Publication! North Carolina Homeschool Manual

NC Homeschool Manual is free for limited time period.

New Publication:  NC Homeschool Manual

As a veteran NC homeschooler and director of her local support group, Laura Michaud has had many opportunities to help families get started on their homeschooling path.  She has recently published a book that shares some of the knowledge she has gained over the years.  Now, through May 25th, you can obtain a free digital copy of her book, the North Carolina Homeschool Manual.

This straightforward and informative book answers specific questions about opening and operating a homeschool in North Carolina.  The North Carolina Homeschool Manual takes the reader step-by-step through setting up a homeschool in North Carolina. No matter what stage you’re beginning from elementary to high school, the North Carolina Homeschool Manual will start you on your way. The book features links for curriculum, contests, clubs and state groups available to North Carolina homeschoolers.

The North Carolina Homeschool Manual guides you through:

·        Filing your Notice of Intent (NOI) with the state of North Carolina

·        Explaining the current requirements for homeschooling in North Carolina

·        Choosing a curriculum for your students

·        Busting the most common stereotypes that plague homeschoolers.

Download your free Kindle version from Amazon, now through May 25, 2017!