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Latta Plantation families look out over the lake as part of a nature hike

The 1,460 acre Latta Plantation Nature Center and Preserve is a fantastic resource for area homeschoolers!




NC Homeschool National Geographic Bee

NC Homeschool National Geographic Bee!


Are you looking for a way to make learning geography fun for your student?  Participate in the NC Homeschool National Geographic Bee!



It is FREE!  It is FUN!  It is EDUCATIONAL!


Event Date: 
Saturday, January 6, 2018 - 10:00am
The National Geographic Bee is a circular logo with an image of North America in dark blue on a light blue background, surrounded by a dark blue circle with the words of the logo in it.

NC Homeschool National Geographic Bee!

It is FREE!  It is FUN!  It is EDUCATIONAL!  It is open to ALL NC Homeschool students in Grades 4-8!  The NC Homeschool National Geographic Bee will be held on January 6, 2018.  Learn more about how your student can participate!


Robotics Workshop for Homeschoolers Grades 3-5 at West Blvd Library

FREE Six Week Robotics Workshop for Grades 3-5

Give your homeschool student the opportunity to learn about robotics. This six week workshop will expose students to four types of robots, critical thinking, problem solving, and programming.

Latta Plantation Homeschool Class Scaling the Solar System

Scaling the Solar System (Ages 6-9)

Registration Required


Looking for a hands-on way for your student to gain an understanding of the solar system?  You may be interested in this class on Thursday, May 18th at the Latta Plantation Nature Center. 

Cevin Soling video Truthiness of School

The Truthiness of School - or - Why You Should Consider Homeschooling:   This short video explains why everyone should consider homeschooling.





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